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Ashley Tisdale first captured the attention of the beauty-obsessed back in her High School Musical days, when brilliant blonde curls cascaded down her back. Today, she keeps us intrigued with her fearless sense of beauty and style—she rocks the no-makeup makeup look as effortlessly as a bold plum lip paired with rust-colored eyeshadow, and last year, she was one of the first celebrities spotted with rose gold hair. Plus, in 2016, she partnered with BH Cosmetics to launch Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale, her own makeup collection, available at,, and other retailers.

We recently caught up with Tisdale (who was Health‘s June 2015 cover star) at the launch of DUO, a new body wash by Olay, Ivory, and Old Spice, where she told us about her daily beauty regimen, the story behind her darker dye job, and the beauty product she won’t leave home without.

On her daily beauty regimen:

I wash my face in the morning and night. In the morning, I follow that with SPF on my face, in addition to moisturizer. I’m very skincare-oriented. I decide on makeup based on what I have going on for the day. It’s always different!

The inspiration behind her new brunette ‘do:

I always walk into Kristin Ess’s studio and say, “Lets do something different.” I really wanted to cut my hair for a while. I didn’t cut too much off, but I did have it darkened it up a bit, and now everyone thinks it’s so different. I really love it—it’s a good middle ground for me. I’m not someone who likes to be too dark or too blonde, so it’s a really great in-between color.

One beauty product she can’t live without:

I’m a huge mascara fan. I love the Chanel Inimitable. It has a smaller wand, so it really gets in there, especially for the lower lashes.

How she keeps her skin glowing:

For me, it’s just drinking a lot of water, exfoliating with Olay DUO, and being really good about not working out in makeup. A lot of times I see girls who wear makeup while they work out and I think, “Are you just here to take a picture for Instagram?” I won’t sleep in makeup either because the minute that I do, I break out.

The biggest beauty mistake she ever made:

I’m always experimenting with beauty and makeup, so I can’t say I’ve regretted anything in the past. But when I was younger, I wasn’t very good at knowing which eyeshadow shades go with other products. I think at one point I probably had too much color on my face. I remember I was really into blue for a while, so I did turquoise on my eyes and then pink blush and another color on my lip and it was just too many colors competing with each other. I learned as I got older which colors go well with one another, and how to balance out different styles. If you’re going to do a heavy eye, go subtler on the cheeks and lips. If you do a bold lip, go for a cat eye or something that’s not so drastic or too much.

The trend she’s most excited to try:

Those glitter lips are kind of interesting and I keep seeing them. I think Taylor Swift wore it in the 50 Shades music video. So I definitely want to try those lipglosses that have some sort of glitter in it. And I think someone else wore it on the red carpet at the Grammy’s. I would check that out just to see what it’s like.

[Source: Health]

Ashley usually does a #TizzieTuesday every week (sometimes just every other week) but as she explained on Snapchat, she has been really busy with auditions and stuff that she just had no time to prepare something special, plus she was busy all day yesterday so she couldn’t even do a short live stream or something. Casn’t wait for next Tuesday tho.

02_21_28129.jpg 02_21_28329.jpg  

Class_act__.jpg No_matter_how_busy_you_are2C_you_have_to_start_your_day_right21_Just_got_done_with_the_most_intense_workout_so_now_I27ve_got_to_get_clean_with_Olaz_DUO_to_start_my_day21__ShowerDUOver__s.jpg Been_down_so_long2C_it_looks_like_up_to_me___.jpg 


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Ashley had a kinda chilled Monday. She was seen leaving Joans on Third Cafe in Studio City yesterday (February 20, 2017) with lunch to go. Ashley was on the phone when leaving the cafe, maybe with her husband?

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Ashley Tisdale and her husband Christopher French have been seen out for brunch in Los Angeles last night (February 19, 2017). Both looked real casual yet just amazing. Ashley earlier shared a cute picture of their dog Maui via Snapchat. Such a casual, chill kinda day.

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Ashley and her husband Christopher French headed over to Haylie Duff and her family to spend the morning (maybe even the day) with them. I’ve also added the Snapchat videos of the past days. Find them by clicking on “more“.

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stars.PNG Get_date_night_ready_just_in_time_for_Valentine27s_Day21_See_my_beauty_tutorial_over_on_my_YouTube21____TizzieTuesday.jpg Design_a_life_you_love___ElsiedeWolfe.jpg Helloooo2C_weekend______Get_this__shopsignorelli_sweater.jpg

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Once again we’re able to share some amazing photoshoot pictures of Ashley’s 2017 unknown photoshoot session. Just about a week ago Ashley posted pictures of two photoshoots from earlier this year. Yesterday (February 17, 2017) she shared two full sized picture of the Instagram photos she posted on her Tumblr.



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It was about time to finally add pictures from Ashley’s social media sites especially her Twitter account (@ashleytisdale). I’m currently still updating the albums and it’d be nice if I got some more time since I have to save all pictures and find those she posted on Snapchat for example as well as 2007/08-mid 2014. But I also added the recent Instagram and Snapchat posts.

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Guys_welcome_the_real__ThePhillLewis_to_twitter2121212121.jpg Excited_to_share_my_work_as_co-producer_for__Lindt_Chocolate__ItStartedWithHELLO21_Go_to.jpg Happy_birthday_to_this_guy212121_Me_and__ZacEfron_a_couple_years_back_giving_you_blue_steel___missyoubuddy.jpg Support__LoveisLouder_with_me21_RT_or_post_a_funny_face_pic_with__LaughOutLouder____BenefitBeauty_will_donate__121.jpg

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