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Ashley had a work out sessions at Rise Movement in West Hollywood last night (March 24) and also filmed a new music session video in her backyard in the evening, along with her husband.

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Ashley is a busy lady, and she has been busy the last couple of days. On Thursday (March 22) she was out for lunch and last night (March 23) she had a couple of meetings and recorded something new (probably for the next music session?).

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Ashley Tisdale was spotted at Free People store in Studio City, California on Tuesday (March 21st). Just earlier she posted her Tizzie Tuesday video.  Ashley was seen arriving with a clothing piece in her hand, leaving the store without it tho. Yet she took some selfies during her fashion Tuesday.

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Last night’s Tizzie Tuesday had a special guest and a sense of fun to it: Ashley’s 7-year-old niece Mikayla joined her latest YouTube video and she did a great appearance. Mikayla was doing Ashley’s makeup with different beauty products but she also had a little music session on the video. Maui was impressed, where you?

Hi Guys!! This week, my niece, Mikayla, did my makeup look ❤️ We love a good shimmer party! Don’t forget to subscribe for new videos every Tuesday

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Ashley has a had a ‘Find a girl who can do both’ day last night (March 15) and she looked fantastic either way.

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It was Tizzie Tuesday once again and this time we kinda knew what Ashley was up to: a couple of days ago she tweeted that we could send her questions… and surely the new Tizzie Tuesday video became a Q&A thing. The video is called “Am I recording a new album?” and the description says:

Hi Guys!! Thanks for sending in all of your questions. I had so much fun filming this Q&A. Comment below if you want me to record a new album 🙂



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Check_out_my_latest_YouTube_video2C_I_just_might_have_answered_your_question21__TizzieTuesday.jpg So_excited_to_announce_that__shopsignorelli_is_now_available_at__Tillys_online_and_in_stores2121_You27re_going_to_love_the_new_pieces21__.jpg  

In_the_works_______BTS.PNG Head_over_to_my_YouTube_channel_to_see_if_I_answered_your_questions2121_Ps_I_share_some_secrets____tizzietuesday_link_in_bio____.PNG Team_cozy______RachelWilson__DanielPiel.PNG 

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Check_out_my_latest_YouTube_video2C_I_just_might_have_answered_your_question21__TizzieTuesday~0.jpg So_excited_to_announce_that_Signorelli_is_now_available_at_Tillys_online_and_in_stores2121_You27re_going_to_love_the_new_pieces21__.jpg  

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Great news for all American Tizzies: Ashley’s Signorelli collection is now available at Tilly’s. Also on you can get exclusive and new items of Ashley’s collection. Other than that Ashley was seen at Isabel Marant in West Hollywood, California on March 13, 2017.

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