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Ashley Michelle Tisdale was born on July 2, 1985 in Monmouith County, New Jersey. She's an American actress, singer-songwriter, producer and designer, most known for her role as Sharpay Evans in the High School Musical movies. At the age of threee she began her career by starring in various commercials. Today she's running her YouTube channel, including a #TizzieTuesday and she's one of the executive producers of FreeForm's hit show Young & Hungry. | Read more
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You better not just check out the pictures from Ashley’s music videos but also listen to the songs once again. You know you wanna do so. Til then you can check out the music video pictures such as stills and behind the scenes pictures in the gallery. Screen captures of the music videos are following soon!

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It was about time to update the gallery with Ashley’s television series and those, she starred in. Find a list of updated albums below. You can find stills, behind the scenes pictures, promotional pictures, posters and more in the gallery.

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“Class act” Ashley instagrammed about her latest photoshoot with Rylan Perry, a photograph who has his own style of capturing the point of view. Find a new picture in the gallery.

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Also Ashley shared another photoshoot picture of herself, which was probably also shot by Rylan Perry, but until this gets confirmed it’s filed as unknown.


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Ashley is working on new lipgloss for Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale on on Illuminate Cosmetics Instagram you can constantly find new pictures of Ashley photographed with the brand new items. Below you can find a brand new “La vie en rose” photo.


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Ashley enjoys showing off how amazing she looks in her Signorelli clothes. Lately she has had a couple of photoshoots where she has been wearing the clothes she designed herself but there are also some other photoshoots which look similar. On Instagram she shared pictures of a new photoshoot, photographed by unknown. Check out the pictures and let us know what you think about her latest pictures.

001~61.jpg Not_getting_dressed_today__It_s_Saturday___.PNG _.PNG I_love_having_a_vision__Weekends_are_for_finding_inspiration_and_creating_28even_when_you_re_sick29__dontstopwontstop.PNG

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Also Ashley (as well as Illuminate Cosmetics) have been sharing pictures of Ashley with new Illuminate items on Instagram. You can find them in the gallery now.

The_lashes_tho_____illuminatecosmetics_individual_clusters_COMING_SOON2121__illuminatebyashley.PNG 005~0.PNG Just_a_pop____illuminatebyashley.PNG __s_are_my_favorite_feature___illuminatebyashley.PNG

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Ads & Endorsements > Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale (2016/17) > Photoshoot (Instagram 2017)

I finally managed to update the gallery a little. Below you can find all links of the 2015 candid albums I have added. More pictures of the past years will be added and tonight I’ll be adding more candids of 2015 so this post will be filled with more updates. Check back in to see which new/old candids have been added.

Candid Pictures > 2015 >

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Once again it’s time for Tizzie Tuesday and Ashley surprised us all with an amazing acoustic cover of ‘Toxic’, a classic by Britney Spears. If you like the video, give her a thumbs up (like her husband does at the end of the video) and share this masterpiece.

I am so excited. I grew up listening to Britney Spears. ‘Toxic’ is one of my favorite songs and so I’m really excited for you guys to hear this.

Friendship bracelets are so over. The only true way to show your eternal love for your best friend is to create an eyeshadow in her honor — as Ashley Tisdale just did for her former High School Musical rival and IRL bestie, Vanessa Hudgens.

Vanessa’s shadow is part of Ashley Tisdale’s new Goddess palette, released through BH Cosmetics.”The names were actually inspired by my girlfriends and all the goddesses in my life,” Ashley said on Facebook Live. “They all are so excited that they’re an eyeshadow.”

Vanessa’s is a shimmery brown shade called “Nessa.” Ashley’s mom, sister, niece, makeup artist, and other friends got colors as well.

In her tell-all livestream, Ashley also shared that her makeup line, Illuminate Cosmetics, will be releasing falsies and liquid lipsticks soon. Apparently Ashley’s been testing them out, so we might have already gotten a sneak peek at what’s in store: To quote the wise words of Sharpay: I WANT IT ALL!

[Source: Seventeen]

Ashley’s sadly sick. She has posted two pictures and also two videos of herself treating herself well as a sickee on Snapchat. To stay updated on Ashley’s Snapchat activity follow her: ashleymtisdale.

 01_28_28129.JPG 01_28_28229.JPG 01_29.jpg 

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