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Ashley Michelle Tisdale was born on July 2, 1985 in Monmouith County, New Jersey. She's an American actress, singer-songwriter, producer and designer, most known for her role as Sharpay Evans in the High School Musical movies. At the age of threee she began her career by starring in various commercials. Today she's running her YouTube channel, including a #TizzieTuesday and she's one of the executive producers of FreeForm's hit show Young & Hungry. | Read more
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It was Tizzie Tuesday once again and this time we kinda knew what Ashley was up to: a couple of days ago she tweeted that we could send her questions… and surely the new Tizzie Tuesday video became a Q&A thing. The video is called “Am I recording a new album?” and the description says:

Hi Guys!! Thanks for sending in all of your questions. I had so much fun filming this Q&A. Comment below if you want me to record a new album ūüôā



Q_A0122.png Q_A0394.png Q_A1084.png Q_A2284.png

Check_out_my_latest_YouTube_video2C_I_just_might_have_answered_your_question21__TizzieTuesday.jpg So_excited_to_announce_that__shopsignorelli_is_now_available_at__Tillys_online_and_in_stores2121_You27re_going_to_love_the_new_pieces21__.jpg  

In_the_works_______BTS.PNG Head_over_to_my_YouTube_channel_to_see_if_I_answered_your_questions2121_Ps_I_share_some_secrets____tizzietuesday_link_in_bio____.PNG Team_cozy______RachelWilson__DanielPiel.PNG 

093~41.jpg 095~39.jpg  

03_14_28129.JPG 03_14_28429.JPG  

Check_out_my_latest_YouTube_video2C_I_just_might_have_answered_your_question21__TizzieTuesday~0.jpg So_excited_to_announce_that_Signorelli_is_now_available_at_Tillys_online_and_in_stores2121_You27re_going_to_love_the_new_pieces21__.jpg  

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Great news for all American Tizzies: Ashley’s Signorelli collection is now available at Tilly’s. Also on you can get exclusive and new items of Ashley’s collection. Other than that Ashley was seen at Isabel Marant in West Hollywood, California on March 13, 2017.

005~995.jpg 004~1077.jpg 003~1180.jpg 002~1286.jpg

001~1416.jpg 022~379.jpg 018~461.jpg 028~292.jpg

Guess_what212121__shopsignorelli_is_now__Tillys__SO_I_now_have_my_makeup_line_AND_the_clothing_line_I_creative_direct_all_at_the_same_place____pinchme__shopsignorellixashleytisdale.PNG ____Beyonce.PNG  

091~43.jpg 092~41.jpg  

03_13_28429.JPG 03_13_28529.JPG  

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Ashley spend her Sunday classy with her girlfriends out in West Hollywood, California. There’s no better way to spend a sunny Sunday than with your girls and shopping.

001~1414.jpg 003~1177.jpg 005~992.jpg 012~634.jpg

001~1415.jpg 002~1284.jpg 004~1075.jpg 005~993.jpg


Tell_me_about_it2C_stud____.PNG ____Vogue_Paris2C_1969__GuyBourdin.PNG Ladies_who_brunch____catch.PNG 



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Ashley, her husband and a view friends have been out bowling in Los Angeles last night. It seemed fun. Maybe we can join someday?

017~487.jpg 009~5.PNG 010~723.jpg 



P_S__I_hope_you_feel_beautiful_today___.PNG But_because_I_knew_you__I_have_been_changed_for_good__28___jillaugusto29_you_will_forever_have_a_special_place_in_my___TommyPage.PNG Every_little_detail___.PNG Don27t_lose_your_fire___.PNG

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Ashley has shared a couple of pictures on Instagram, but I also found some pictures shot by fans.

082~53.jpg 083~50.jpg 084~49.jpg 080~56.jpg

Life_is_tough2C_my_darling2C_but_so_are_you____.PNG Just_sayin27____Truth__OscarWilde.PNG  

011~677.jpg 012~632.jpg 013~4.PNG 

While heading to the Desert Smash tennis event in Palm Springs two days ago (March 7, 2017), Ashley has snapped a couple of things along with her sister.  She has also been active on Snapchat last night as well as on Instagram and Twitter. See the videos and all pictures on our website/YouTube page.


_happyinternationalwomensday.PNG That_red_lip_classic_thing_that_you_like___IlluminateByAshley.PNG  

077~58.jpg 078~59.jpg 079~58.jpg 

Recreated_my__EJAF_look_from_last_Sunday_night__Check_out_my_YouTube_for_the_video21.png Cheesin27____.png  

03_07_28729.jpg 03_07_28929.jpg 03_07_281029.jpg 03_08_28329.JPG

008~4.PNG 009~4.PNG 010~721.jpg 

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Kirbie Johnson talked with Ashley during the Olay launch party in February.

We all loved Ashley Tisdale in High School Musical, and now she’s an accomplished actress, businesswoman, and producer. She has her own clothing line and a cosmetics brand, and she produces Young & Hungry on Freeform. On Pretty Unfiltered, Ashley opens up about reinventing herself and coming out of her comfort zone.


Popsugar0032.png Popsugar0060.png Popsugar0147.png Popsugar0150.png

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Ashley attended the¬†13th annual Desert Smash benefitting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital event in Rancho Mirage, California last night (March 7, 2017). By her side: her sister Jennifer.

001~23.PNG 002~1281.jpg 003~1175.jpg 


004~1071.jpg 009~758.jpg 008~804.jpg 017~485.jpg

004~1072.jpg 008~805.jpg 015~530.jpg 002~1280.jpg

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