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Ashley shared some Instagram Stories from on set of a photoshoot. Justine Marjan, a hair dresser and photographer of the shoot, shared even more videos and some photos. Can’t wait to see the final photos.

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Ashley attended her friend Lea Michele’s engagement party in Los Angeles on Saturday (July 28th). These two are so lovely. Ashley on Instagram:

Last night was magical ✨ Celebrating my girl @leamichele and Z on their engagement. I couldn’t be happier for this girl, she deserves the best because she is the best. I’m so lucky to have you in my life 💕

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A month back Ashley went back to blonde, now she went even blonder. Justin Anderson, hairstylist in LA, made Ashley go back to her Sharpay days – just with short hair. She looks fab!

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Can’t believe it’s July again! And can’t even more believe it’s Ashley’s birthday today. Ashley turns 33 today. She doesn’t mind getting older, she even enjoys it. And I felt like sharing this message for her (hope she sees it):

Dear Ashley, this website has celebrated its firtst birthday in January and it’s been a pleasure to update Tizzies on your life. I’ve been a fan of you for about 13 years now and every day is a pleasure. You’re a wonderful and unpromlematic idol. I’m more than proud to support you and to have your back through it all. You are inspiring, down to earth and fun to follow. The fact you created a beauty collection affordable and just perfect is so good. My skin is very strange from time to time but I never had an issue with your makeup brand. Thank you for that! Also all other merchandise ranges you published until this day were just so good. More people should follow your spirit. You admit if life isn’t good, you share all details with us and still keep your privacy. And you deserve it as well. Thank you for letting is be a part of your wonderful journey and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. Now have a wonderful day with your loved ones and let Chris spoil you a little today (winky face). Sending you lots of love from the fandom and save a piece of cake for us – or eat one for us?

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Ashley shared a few photos of herself after getting her hair done by Ahn Co Tran once again. And again he did a great job! Ashley’s now back to blonde and she’s ready to have some fun!

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On Mother’s Day (May 13th) Ashley was seen leaving a spa before hanging with her grandma, mom, sister and niece. Via Instagram she shared a beautiful message for her mom Lisa:

Happy Mother’s Day to my (shopping) partner in crime! I love you so much mom, you’re the first person I call when I can’t sleep or when I’m upset/excited to tell you something. You’re always there for me and the most positive/ supportive person I know! I LOVE YOU 💕

002~2792.jpg 004~2413.jpg 015~1252.jpg 022~906.jpg

Happy_Mother27s_Day_to_my_28shopping29_partner_in_crime21_I_love_you_so_much_mom2C_you27re_the_first_person_I_call_when_I_can27t_sleep_or_when_I27m_upset.jpg No_matter_what_happens_with_the_fate_of_any_pilot2C_its_a_privilege_to_work_on_a_show_that_has_significance__Showing_a_different_culture_and_their_traditions_.jpg  


Ashley had a little workout at Training Mate gym in Studio City before heading to the JDRF Los Angeles chapter 2018 Imagine Gala in Beverly Hills on Saturday evening (May 12th).

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008~1846.jpg 017~1145.jpg 041~441.jpg 053~312.jpg



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Last night (April 27th) Ashley’s old friend Samantha Droke got married in Texas. Of course Ashley attended the beautiful wedding, she even was one of the bridemaids. Ashley shared a photo with her husband attending the wedding with a caption saying they had too much fun, lived the moment and hardly took any photos. Still we’re glad to share some with you. Also sending out all the best to the new married couple Samantha and Eric Tomchik.

001~3016.jpg 455~9.jpg The_only_picture_we_got_together_because_we_were_so_in_the_moment__What_a_beautiful_wedding2121_Congrats_Mr_and_Mrs_Tomchick21__samanthadroke__occ112____~0.jpg 003~2550.jpg