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After leaving Tulum, Mexico on Saturday (August 4th), Ashley and her husband arrived in Cancun, Mexico.

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Last night (August 4th) Ashley and her husband left Tulum, Mexico. Yet there are some candids of August 1st of Ashley on the beach in Tulum, Mexico. Enjoy!

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More candids! Ashley was seen riding a bike in Tulum, Mexico on August 2nd with her husband. Also she was seen at the beach once more.

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Ashley and her husband are currently on vacation in Tulum, Mexico. She has shared a few Instagram Stories posts from being on vacation, but now we also got the first candids. We hope Ashley still enjoys her vacation.

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Ashley was seen our for grocery shopping in Los Angeles, California on Saturday (July 28th). She also was seen hanging with her old friend Shelley Buckner and may even appeared at Lea Michele’s engagement party.

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After announcing the title of her third studio album Ashley was seen leaving the Color Camp Nail Salon in Los Angeles on Friday (July 27th). The brownish-white nails look fab!

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Ashley and Chris were seen out shopping for some art materials for their house in Los Angeles on Saturday (July 14th). We hope they found what they were looking for.

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Ashley and Maui were seen leaving her parents house in Toluca Lake on Thursday (July 12th).

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