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Ashley Michelle Tisdale was born on July 2, 1985 in Monmouith County, New Jersey. She's an American actress, singer-songwriter, producer and designer, most known for her role as Sharpay Evans in the High School Musical movies. At the age of threee she began her career by starring in various commercials. Today she's running her YouTube channel, including a #TizzieTuesday and she's one of the executive producers of FreeForm's hit show Young & Hungry. | Read more
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The actress and influencer has bought Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale from BH Cosmetics and is planning a re-brand.

Ashley Tisdale is getting down to business.

The actress and influencer has acquired her makeup line from BH Cosmetics. The line, called Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale, will operate as a stand-alone lifestyle business going forward, and is about to undergo a re-brand, Tisdale said. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Tisdale said she bought the line just before BH Cosmetics got an investment from MidOcean Partners.

“The reason why it was better for us to separate is because as I was looking through my customers, and I have a really one-on-one relationship with my Illuminate customer, I started to realize my customer is very different than the BH customer,” Tisdale said. BH shoppers tend to be more into the heavy makeup favored by the YouTube community, while Tisdale says her shoppers are more “everyday girls.”

“It’s just like how I wear my makeup,” Tisdale said. “I like to wear makeup, but I’m not layering on tons of makeup on my skin.”

Tisdale is leading the charge for Illuminate, with Carrie Barber (who has worked for Sephora and Glossier) as creative director, she said. Initially, Illuminate will operate as a direct-to-consumer player, according to Tisdale, but eventually could branch into pop-up shops and retail. The plan is to launch three products every three months, she said.

“When I started to look into the market of makeup and who the brands are servicing, it just felt like there wasn’t really a company servicing to the everyday girl,” Tisdale said. “I think makeup is supposed to illuminate your natural features, so I really wanted to bring it back to that, but I also had an idea for my company to be more of a lifestyle brand, so there’s a lot more than just makeup that we’re going to be doing.”

Right now, the team is working to develop Illuminate’s aesthetic, re-brand and develop products that are expected to launch in November. Asked about where the brand might go behind makeup, Tisdale said she’d develop “everything that my audience knows and wants from me — so skin care is a big one, and also, hair care.”

The re-brand isn’t finalized yet, but simplicity will be at the core, Tisdale said. “As someone who buys makeup, there are so many makeup brands out there and it overwhelms you with so many different colors,” Tisdale said. “I’d just gotten a contour palette and I didn’t even know it was double-sided.…What I’m trying to do is make it more simple.”

“It’s also beauty for fun,” Tisdale added. “We’re in a place that we’re taking it very seriously because it is an art — and that is so true — but at the same time, there are a bunch of girls that really just love to have fun with color and makeup and don’t take themselves too seriously.”

Prices will remain in “affordable” territory, Tisdale said. “High-quality, luxury makeup, but affordable — we’re not trying to reinvent that,” she noted. Tisdale is also hoping the line will reach a demographic beyond just her core fan base. “The makeup has only been sold literally on my face — all the images we’ve done are just makeup on me,” Tisdale said. “One of the first things we’re doing is a photo shoot on all different skin tones.”

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Don’t dismiss Ashley Tisdale. That’s something the industry has been learning more and more over the last few years.

Sure, you might know her as Sharpay from the High School Musical movies but in the decade since the third and final film, which took $252.91 million at the worldwide box office, she’s become a force to be reckoned with.

Blondie Girl Productions, the Los Angeles based production company that she runs with her sister, Jennifer, develops and produces television and digital programming that focuses on telling stories for millennial women and made by millennial women, including the acclaimed Freeform breakout comedy, Young and Hungry.

I caught up with Ashley and Jennifer to talk about their latest project, Daphne and Velma, as well as how she got Hollywood to take her, and her company, seriously as one of the key content players for the millennial market.

Simon Thompson: You started Blondie Girl Productions almost a decade ago. How has that journey been so far?

Ashley Tisdale: I set the company up about eight years ago and we started producing reality television. I had a producing partner at the time because I knew I wanted to produce TV but I was still learning and I finding my voice. Over the years, what has transitioned the most is having my sister join me. Jennifer started working for the company about five or six years ago. It’s always great to work with family but it’s also really nice to have someone who I trust, who knows our voice and what the company stands for. When I started the company it was really hard for people to take me seriously. When I was pitching to networks, because they obviously knew me as an actor and we were a female production company, it was a little difficult at first. I knew that I really wanted to get physically in that room and put female voices in the spotlight.

ST: Has it got any easier?

AT: Over the years it has changed but that’s only because we’ve proved ourselves. We’ve had Young and Hungry, which went for five seasons on Freeform; we’ve produced a lot of content for E! and MTV and we’re developing a lot of new projects right now. It’s been really awesome and I do feel that the company definitely has blossomed. I feel so proud of the company and so proud that we’ve come this far. We’ve shown people that we know what works and that we know what we’re talking about.

ST: Ashley, you mentioned that when you started the company that people saw you as an actress. Now your work speaks for itself but how did you overcome that at the time?

AT: I think for me specifically, people had the idea that, or assumed, that the company just had my name attached to it and I had someone else running it. In reality, from the start, that has never been the case and I’ve always been someone who is 100% involved. I hear every single pitch before we take it somewhere. I think I had to just prove that over time. I think people didn’t expect that I would be sitting in the room with network execs, that it would just be a producing partner sitting there pitching a show. I come from a long line of family members that were pitchers in Hollywood, including my grandfather, so I think that’s where I learned how to pitch my projects. When I’m pitching to a network, I am going to convince that network to buy it. I think that they always expected me to be kind of quiet and that I’d let other people speak for me.

ST: Are there any times where that’s happened that really stick in your mind?

AT: One of the biggest moments for me was sitting down at MTV. It was years ago. All the big executives were there and we were pitching in front of pretty much the entire company. I didn’t know who I was talking to but we were pitching a reality show that was mostly on social media and they were like, ‘Wow! I don’t know how this is going to work.’ I was stunned and told them that social media was going to be the future but they had no idea. So, I stood my ground and I started sticking up for myself and for the project. After the meeting, everyone turned to me and was like, ‘Do you know we’re talking to?’ I had no idea at the time but it was the head of MTV. I’ve just always been confident in that way but I had to learn you know where my voice was. I think that over the years, with people seeing me pitching things that I believe in, they’ve started to realize that it’s not a vanity company, it’s something that is a passion of mine and I do know what I’m doing.

ST: How do you find the balance between creating quality content that people want to watch and that is financially viable? They don’t always go hand in hand, right?

JT: When we’re looking at developing any sort of content really our main thing is that we want fully developed characters. When you look at content that works, whether it be television or film or digital, the base of all great stories are characters that are properly fleshed out and who you want to watch. For us as a company, that’s where everything starts. We’ve also really put a focus on telling stories about females but not in the context of men. I think that’s a really important thing to touch on. For years we see these female characters that are basically just the secretary or the hot best friend, you’re not seeing a fully developed female character as often as you should. I also think that, all of a sudden, people are taking more risks in our content because it has been proven time and time again that females can sell just as well as males. Look at Wonder Woman and how that movie really proved that it doesn’t have to be a male lead in order for people to go out and spend money – it just needs to be a properly developed character and a good story. It’s why we do what we do.

AT: That’s absolutely true. For me personally, as an actor, there have been tons of times that I’ve auditioned for a role that is on a TV series and it’s as the girlfriend or the second lead as a female but she’s just the hot little friend to the male lead. I just started to feel like there’s got to be so much more than that for us as actors and for audiences sitting at home. They’re hungry for it. Like Jen said, people are now taking more risks, financially and with stories, they’re being braver and audiences are responding well to that. We’re now a part of this movement that a couple years ago I didn’t even know would be open to us.

Source: Forbes

Ashley Tisdale has been cast as a series regular in CBS’ multi-camera comedy pilot Pandas in New York, from writer Ajay Sahgal and CBS TV Studios.

Written by Sahgal and directed by Mark Cendrowski, Pandas in New York is about a family of Indian doctors with a successful group practice in New York City who embark on a project to arrange their youngest son Rishi’s (Dhruv Singh) life, unaware he’s made plans of his own.

Tisdale will play Maya, the director of the free clinic where Rishi (Singh) works. She has a highly developed sense of fairness and an outsized focus on social justice, particularly when it comes to the dismal state of healthcare for the poor. Underneath her tough exterior is a warm, sensitive person who is attracted to Rishi, which she tries to deny.

In addition to Singh, Tisdale also joins previously cast Nisha Munshi, Hina Abdullah, Dan O’Brien, Bernard White and Gita Reddy.

Pandas in New York is executive produced by Sahgal, Kapital Entertainment’s Aaron Kaplan and Dana Honor and TrillTV’s Wendi Trilling.

High School Musical alumna Tisdale previously starred in the CW series Hellcats and TBS’ Clipped. She recently executive produced and recurred on the popular Freeform comedy series Young & Hungry. Tisdale is repped by UTA, 3 Arts and Stone Genow.

Source: Deadline

Scooby-Doo fans are about to find out what Daphne and Velma were like before they joined the Mystery Gang (and long before they met up with Supernatural‘s Sam and Dean Winchester).

EW can exclusively reveal that Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will release Daphne & Velma, a new live-action film, on digital, Blu-ray and DVD on May 22, 2018. The film, which stars Sarah Jeffery and Sarah Gilman and is produced by Ashley Tisdale and Jennifer Tisdale’s Blondie Girl Productions along with Blue Ribbon Content, focuses on Ridge Valley High, an innovative center of learning for some of the brightest minds in the nation, including both Daphne Blake (Jeffery) and Velma Dinkley (Gilman). Together, the best friends discover a number of questionable disappearances on campus as kids who were once full of life appear to become “zombified.” The mystery brings Daphne and Velma together to see if they can solve the case.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Ashley Tisdale is a bonafide social media queen with nearly 10 million followers on Instagram and she’s swiftly approaching 2 million on YoutTube. Still, as much as we see Ashley all over the gram and YouTube, fans are wondering when they’re going to see her acting again.

“I’ve been a little bit busy on the production side with Blondie Girl Productions. I have a show in development at CBS,” Ashley told about her super successful production company, which produced the hit Freeform show, Young & Hungry. “We actually just filmed a Daphne & Velma movie, which is the origin story of how Daphne and Velma met in high school and how they became friends.”

But what about roles for herself? Ashley has a guest role on CBS’s MacGyver right around the corner (which you should be so hype for), but Ashley admits it can be hard to find the new, dark, and gritty roles she’s looking for because of her Disney Channel past.

“Obviously the character I played [in High School Musical]was so successful and everyone loved that character,” Ashley explained.

“Right now, my goal in acting is to do roles that people haven’t seen me do before and kind of push the boundaries with that,” Ashley said of her dream role. “Obviously, those are the roles that people just don’t see me in… It’s so funny how someone sees you as a certain character and then they just can’t see you as anything else, which is why I’m so happy and proud that I have my production company because I’m able to create anything. Having writers, being able to have the ideas, and say I’m going to create this.”

And that’s exactly what she’s busy doing! “There’s a lot I’m developing for me to star in,” Ashley shared.

And lucky for us, there’s now a backstage pass to all of the action with her new app. Say hello to the Ashley Tisdale app, your one-stop shop to keeping up with all things Ashley Tisdale! The app, which launched yesterday and is available to download for iPhone and Android users, will transform how fans interact with Ashley by giving fans the ability to boost their (or other fans’) comments to increase visibility and maybe be seen by the former High School Musical star herself!

Now, the question is: Does this mean the end of Ashley’s YouTube and Instagram channels?

“No,” she said when asked if she’d be quitting YouTube and Insta. “I am a big social media fan. I’ll always keep posting on there.” And you know what that means: There are DEFINITELY more “Music Sessions” in our future — when her and her composer/husband Christopher French’s busy schedules permit, obviously. You’ll just have to be a little patient. “I don’t have anything planned right now, but we’ll definitely be doing more this year. I’m looking forward to seeing who I can collab with because it’s always so much fun. We have such a great time doing it.”

Who could forget her “Ex’s & Oh’s” performance with her real-life bestie Vanessa Hudgens?! Or when she remixed the HSM classic, “What I’ve Been Looking For,” with her onscreen bro Lucas Grabeel? And thanks to Ashley’s new app, her music sessions are about to get even better. You might start getting some behind the scenes moments!

“When me and Lea Michelle were doing our music session and filming that, the best part was half the stuff we were saying in between the takes, and so to have my app be able to capture that stuff [is awesome,]” Ashley shared. “Because that’s not something you would put on a YouTube platform. That’s the stuff you don’t get to see normally, which I’m excited to be able to do.”

You excited?! WE’RE EXCITED!

Source: Seventeen

Daphne and Velma, the teen-girl sleuths from “Scooby-Doo,” are getting their own origin story in a live-action feature-length film from Jennifer and Ashley Tisdale’s production banner.

“Daphne and Velma” is being produced by the Tisdale sisters’ Blondie Girl Productions and Warner Bros. Television Group’s Blue Ribbon Content digital studio. Sarah Jeffery (“Shades of Blue”) and Sarah Gilman (“Last Man Standing”) star in the title roles as Daphne and Velma, respectively.

The film is currently shooting in Atlanta and is set to be released by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment in 2018. The studio isn’t disclosing distribution details at this point.

“Daphne and Velma” tells the story of Daphne Blake and Velma Dinkley before they team up with Scooby and the rest of the Mystery Inc. gang. The mystery-solving teens are best friends but have only met online — until Daphne transfers to Velma’s school, Ridge Valley High, stocked with high-tech gadgetry by the school’s benefactor, tech billionaire Tobias Bloom. While their peers vie for a coveted internship at Bloom’s company, Daphne and Velma try to uncover the reason why the school’s brightest students are disappearing — only to emerge again in a zombie-fied state.

“Blondie Girl is committed to telling stories from a female perspective and we could not be more thrilled to give Daphne and Velma their own story,” Ashley and Jennifer Tisdale said in a joint statement. “It’s so exciting to partner with Warner Home Entertainment and Blue Ribbon Content to introduce a new generation to the smart, charismatic, fearless females that we all know and love.”

For Warner Bros.’ part, “We wanted to give the audience a new take on these two familiar faces, who are fan favorites in the Scooby-Doo universe,” said Peter Girardi, EVP of Blue Ribbon Content and EVP of alternative programming of Warner Bros. Animation.

“Daphne and Velma” is produced by Blue Ribbon Content and Blondie Girl Productions with production services provided by Lifeboat Productions. Serving as producers are Ashley Tisdale (best known for the “High School Musical” franchise), Jennifer Tisdale (“Bring It On: In it to Win It”), Amy Kim (“Confess,” “Alive in Denver”), Jaime Burke (“The Pact”) and Suzi Yoonessi (“Olive and Mocha: First Kiss”). Yoonessi also is directing, from a script by Kyle Mack and Caitlin Meares.

“Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!,” from Hanna-Barbera Productions (now a division of Warner Bros. Animation), first aired in 1969 on CBS. The franchise has since yielded about a dozen television revivals and spinoffs, as well as more than three dozen films.

Warner Bros. Television Group formed Blue Ribbon Content in 2014. Its projects include comedy “Now We’re Talking” for Verizon’s Go90 from Uninterrupted, the Time Warner-backed sports media company founded by LeBron James; docu-series “Best Shot” for YouTube Red in association with James’ SpringHill Entertainment; “Ellen’s Pet Dish” for Ellen DeGeneres’ EllenTube; and “Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles” for Machinima.

Blondie Girl Productions, founded by Ashley Tisdale and run by Ashley and her sister Jennifer with Kaitlin Saltzman as head of television, is repped at UTA and currently has a deal at Warner Horizon Scripted Television. The L.A.-based company’s recent projects include Freeform’s comedy series “Young & Hungry” and are producing a comedy for CBS from writer Joanna Quraishi in association with Warner Bros. Television.

Source: Variety

The day has come and Ashley Tisdale as revealed the colors for her Illuminate Cosmetics matte lipsticks — and yes, they. are. gorgeous!

The actress/producer behind the cosmetics collection first teased about the new product earlier this summer, and since then, has only shown fans the colors in black and white mode.

But today it all changed, when she revealed the colors, as well as the names: Milan, Miami, and London — all cities (although, we’re definitely thinking London is after London Tipton).

“I created them over a year ago, so I just can’t wait for everyone to use them,” Ashley told fans in a video Q&A.

All three matte lipsticks will be out on September 29th — THIS FRIDAY!

Source: Just Jared Jr.

When actor Michael Rosenbaum announced he was starting a podcast, there shouldn’t have been any doubt in anyone’s mind that it would be good. And funny. Very funny. And informative. And all of those things it very much is. Rosenbaum started his podcast, “Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum,” in July and has been bringing his friends from the entertainment business, as well as other extremely interesting people, into his living room, sitting them down and legitimately find out everything about them. Having tons of fun along the way, of course.

His most recent episode, which was released on Tuesday, reunites him with his former “Smallville” co-star Tom Welling. In it, the two catch up on everything – from Welling’s modeling beginnings to their work together on the WB series and everything in-between. But one crazy-amazing piece of information jumps right out about two-thirds of the way through. When Rosenbaum brought up Welling’s turn into producing and mentioned his The CW series “Hellcats,” Welling had some pretty interesting and exciting news to share.

The Hellcats are coming back! The unlike-anything-else-on-TV show, which starred Aly Michalka and Ashley Tisdale as their characters took on the world of college cheerleading, ran for one season from 2010-11 before getting canceled. A cancelation that Welling attributes to the fact that “the woman who was running The CW left.”

The CW president of entertainment at the time the series began, Dawn Ostroff, decided not to renew her contract and left the network in 2011. Later that year, she joined as the head of Conde Nast Entertainment, where she’s been ever since. Taking over for her at The CW was Mark Pedowitz, who both took on Ostroff’s role, as well as more responsibilities, as the network’s first overall president. He still holds the position. While that means it might have been his decision to prematurely end the beauty that was “Hellcats,” it also means he’s played his part in its hopeful return. The first and only season of the hour-long dramedy could be seen on Netflix for a while after it was canceled, but it’s long-since ended its run there, as well. Luckily for both old and new fans, the show is now available on The CW’s online streaming service, CW Seed, which is “free for all,” as their tagline points out. Though it’s wonderful to be able to rewatch the greatness that is “Hellcats” and for new viewers to stumble across it, it still, of course, only has one season. Though, that might be changing, according to Welling.

“Yeah, we’re bringing that [‘Hellcats’] back,” Welling told Rosenbaum during his podcast interview. “Well, apparently, online they’ve [The CW] been airing it. It’s very popular in small doses and they want to re-do it and test it out online and if it goes well then we’ll bring it back on-air again. Because it’s got a little cult following.”

And who says small, but mighty fans can’t make a difference? This is proof that it is possible to make enough noise as fans to make a difference. Whether that’s starting a hashtag campaign on Twitter or simply showing up to watch a show you like, fans do have a lot of power. Even in smaller numbers.

While so much of what made the original series so great was the fabulous character portrayals done by Michalka, Tisdale, Robbie Jones, Matt Barr, Sharon Leal and Heather Hemmens, it seems like they, unfortunately, will not be involved. Welling mentioned re-doing the series, which most likely would entail a complete reboot, which would mean recasting and possibly changing other aspects, like characters and settings. The CW declined to comment when contacted by International Business Times for more information.

All that we can hope for is that the testing goes well and we get this smart, sassy, exciting, fun, sweet, wonderful show back in our lives and that the original cast finds its way back, even if just for some fun cameo roles. That shouldn’t be too hard for Michalka, as she’s back in The CW family as part of the incredibly funny and talented “iZombie” cast, and for Leal, who’s been acting on “Supergirl.” Everyone do a cheer for good luck. This is important it needs all the good cheer-luck it can get.

Source: International Business Times

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