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On Monday (September 17th) the Emmys look place in Los Angeles once again. Ashley didn’t attend the Emmys but two different post parties. Enjoy!

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Also +21 HQs of Ashley attending the Naeem Khan Presentation during New York Fashion Week and 2 HQs of Ashley outside Gallery I at Spring Studios in New York City were added.

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As some may noticed, this site was offline for about 5 days since I was on vacation in Paris. In the time of my vacation Ashley attended the New York Fashion Week. Find all photos in our gallery.

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Also Ashley got a new tattoo in New York. Such a beautiful butterfly 🦋

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Last night we shared some MQ/LQ photos of Ashley attending the Creative & Cultivate CHI Celebrations at the House of Vans in Chicago, Illinois. We now added some HQs for you.

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As Ashley promised on her Instagram a while ago, she was speaking on stage at Creative & Cultivate CHI Celebrations at the House of Vans in Chicago, Illinois. A few quotes she shared:

I think in everything I’ve done, I’ve really had to prove myself. If you’re meant to get something, you’re gonna get it. Nobody’s gonna take that away from you.

She also shared a quote about dealing with anxiety:

I deal with anxiety and probably dealt with it my whole life, but I’ve been more aware of it the past 2 years. I wanted to make an album that made people not feel so alone.

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Ashley and her friend Shelley Buckner headed to Chicago to attend the Creative & Cultivate CHI Celebrations at the Virgin Hotels Chicago on Friday (August 24th).



Ashley shared a few Instagram videos a couple of days ago she attended the Amazon Music Unboxing Prime Day Event in Brooklyn, New York. Not only she looked wonderful but also she was put in our spot. On Instagram she shared photos with singer Julia Michaels, who is one of Ashley’s favorite singers right now, with the caption:

When you meet your favorite artist @juliamichaels… and she hugs you… and then you get so nervous you pose like it’s a prom photo 😂

You feel us now, Ashley, do you? Anywho, we’re glad to share the first few photos of Ashley alongside Julia Michaels, Ariana Grande and also Alessia Cara with you. More hopefully to come.

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Ashley had a little workout at Training Mate gym in Studio City before heading to the JDRF Los Angeles chapter 2018 Imagine Gala in Beverly Hills on Saturday evening (May 12th).

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Last night we shared photos of Ashley and Chris attending the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Beverly Hills, today we’re glad to share photos of them both leaving the venue but also 13 HQs of Ashley on the red carpet were added.

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