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Also a first still was added to the gallery.


On Monday (September 17th) the Emmys look place in Los Angeles once again. Ashley didn’t attend the Emmys but two different post parties. Enjoy!

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Also +21 HQs of Ashley attending the Naeem Khan Presentation during New York Fashion Week and 2 HQs of Ashley outside Gallery I at Spring Studios in New York City were added.

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Ashley was seen in a store in New York City, New York last week. Sadly we got no exact date to share.


“It’s definitely pop, but it’s more pop-electro versus pop/rock or straight pop,” Tisdale told AOL exclusively. “It’s really upbeat. The whole album is upbeat. Fun tracks. I know for sure it’s the most authentic album I’ve ever done. Actually, it’s the most authentic thing I’ve ever done in my career. It’s very personal.”

Tisdale explained that she’s struggled with anxiety and depression throughout her life, and she addresses those struggles in the lyrics of her new material.

“I’ve co-written every song on the album, and I also am so specific on the sound and what the album stands for, which is an upbeat album, but it has a dark undertone of anxiety and depression,” she explained. “I think it’s something that the world needs right now. It happened so fast and it came together so fast that I think the universe just made it happen.”

“I get really vulnerable talking about it, and it’s weird to talk about it, but if I could make someone at home feel less alone, then I’m doing my job as an artist,” she added. “I’ve gone through a journey. It’s obviously painful and hard, but it’s also the most beautiful thing.”

The former “High School Musical” star said that she’s been in and out of the recording studio for the last four years tinkering around with her sound, and she credited her popular Music Sessions YouTube series for giving her more of a creative outlet as she prepared to jump back into the pop music scene. She also had a transformative experience while shooting the “Symptoms” album artwork.

“I remember doing the photo shoot for the album, and I remember taking the first shot and they had me looking a certain way, and I was like, ‘I hate this side of my face,'” Tisdale recalled. “I stopped for a moment and I was like, ‘But this album is not supposed to show your beautiful side.’ Because I wouldn’t say that that is a beautiful side of me — you know, the anxiety and that stuff. But it’s me. After I saw the picture, I was like, ‘That picture is really beautiful.’ Even though it can be a darker thing, I do think it’s a beautiful side, still.”

And, once the album is released, fans of Tisdale can “definitely” expect the singer to take her new album on the road.

“I really hope so,” Tisdale said of the prospect of going on tour. “They definitely want me to tour. I want to tour. It’s going to be such a different experience. [With] everything in the past, I didn’t really know who I was as an artist and this I’m so proud of, so I cant wait to do that.”

Source: AOL

Also the first photo of the Symptoms album shoot by Nick Walker was published:


As some may noticed, this site was offline for about 5 days since I was on vacation in Paris. In the time of my vacation Ashley attended the New York Fashion Week. Find all photos in our gallery.

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Also Ashley got a new tattoo in New York. Such a beautiful butterfly 🦋

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Before celebrating her fourth year wedding anniversary with her husband Christopher Ashley was seen out and about in Hollywood (September 8th).

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It marks the 4th year anniversary of Ashley and Chris’ wedding. Both shared some wonderful messages on Instagram.


4 years ago… I can’t believe how fast it’s gone by. There are no words that could describe how much this man means to me. @cmfrench #MrandMrsFrench


4 years ago today I made this unbelievable woman my wife. Happy Anniversary @ashleytisdale, thank you for loving me the way you do. You amaze me every day 💘

Now we hope you’re both having a wonderful anniversary. And all the best for your future.

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